An update as to why the site went down

First, I would like to thank the users for their patience during the site outage. Second, I’d like to make sure it’s clear that there were no hacks or exploits used against us.

The issue that caused our website to go down was technical. The problem lied within our cache. Like many websites, a cache is used to help let the website load faster. Especially when it’s run on limited resources like us.

The cache, simply put, just got too big. Not in sense that is used too much storage. In fact, we’re well below the amount of storage we’re allowed to use. What happened was our cache contained too many directories for our server to use. We reached the allotted amount given to us by a staggering amount. And since cache is automatically handled, we were simply not aware that the directories growing on their own. Whenever we cleared our cached, we were simply under the impression that the directories were cleared as well. Of course, we now know that the software used for our cache is not designed to clear directories, only the contents. It’ll keep directories for later use. Since we know of this issue now, we will take precautions in the future to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

As for those that experienced issues with their orders, we are currently working with WooCommerce to find a solution. Remember to contact us if you need any help in the future.