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Update to On Hold accounts

Last month, March 8th 2017, Pokecrate experienced a critical error that caused many of our subscriber accounts to go on hold. Not all subscribers are affected. But to those that are, we are deeply sorry to inform you that we have no means to reactivate your subscription. We ask our loyal subscribers to please cancel […]

An update as to why the site went down

First, I would like to thank the users for their patience during the site outage. Second, I’d like to make sure it’s clear that there were no hacks or exploits used against us. The issue that caused our website to go down was technical. The problem lied within our cache. Like many websites, a cache […]

International Shipping Changes

Due to the rising costs of international shipping, and the increasing number of reports of customers being charged additional Duties on delivery; we are sadly discontinuing international shipping to the following countries: Australia, France, Germany, Sweden, Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. September will be their final month of active service. If you have a subscription in […]

New Updates

A few changes have occurred to our site. Lessened the penalty for failed logins. (IP Lockout) If you’re having trouble logging in, contact us or use the password reset link Subscribers can now change their shirt size on their account. One renewal payment is required in order to switch between sizes. Only applicable to Credit […]

Refunds have been issued

As many of our subscribers noticed. The blue notice that appears on our home page, my account, and checkout are there to help ensure that your order does not get cancelled and refunded due to the checkout bug. It turns out that with most web browsers, the cache stored on your computer allowed the bug […]

Shipping error has been resolved

After the initial problem, that involved new users not being able to order subscriptions, being fixed. A new problem arose. Thankfully this issue has been fixed in a few days. compared to the original 6 months it took to fix the original problem. Long story short, the recent update broke international shipping logic, causing international […]

The shipping error has been fixed!

After months of frustration and weeks of testing, the finalized update to solve our problem went live! We’d like to give credit to the good folks in charge of our subscription management system, ProssPress Inc., for working with us (and tolerating us) until they found a solution. Although admittedly the bug turned out much bigger […]

What’s happening to the checkout? Updated

As many of our customers have found out, we are still experiencing trouble with our checkout. This is due, unfortunately, to a bug that has snowballed its way into a much bigger problem than originally expected. As of the time of this posting, we do not have a set date on when normal subscriptions will […]

Site Updates

Updates Contact forms will attempt to pull basic account information for logged in users. Minor visual improvements to the website. Security updates provided via WordPress and WooCommerce.

Minor Fixes Made

A few minor fixes have been made to the site. (Update) Subscriptions and orders are now viewed in a scroll-able table (left to right) when the screen size is too small for it to fit. This allows subscriptions to be cancelled properly now, since the button was hidden out of view on the table. (Fix) […]