Reserved for special news regarding Pokecrate changes and updates.

October PokéCrate Subscriptions

We are currently shipping the remainder of October PokéCrates. If you were unsure what to be for halloween we included an item to give you an extra option!

New items and discount codes will be posted later tonight.

Cancelled Subscriptions

For the subscriptions who were having problems with payments going through it seems the only option we had was to cancel the subscriptions affected. Simply resubscribe to receive your monthly PokeCrate. Please make sure to update your shipping address as well as the shirt size desired if needed. We apologize for the inconvenience.


use coupon code “spoopy” and receive 15% on your entire purchase. Coupon good through November 1st.

Free Gift With Every Purchase

We are bringing back free gifts with every purchase starting September 1st. This of course excludes only subscriptions, good towards everything else. This time we have 3 tiers. If you spend $15 or less you get a tier 3 gift, if you spend $15-$45 you get a tier 2 gift, if you spend $45 and up you will receive a tier 1 gift. We are always trying to add new merchandise every week so keep a look out!

On top of items on sale why not enjoy a discount too?
Use coupon code “september” to receive %10 percent off your entire order.

New Updates

A few changes have occurred to our site.

  • Lessened the penalty for failed logins. (IP Lockout)
  • Subscribers can now change their shirt size on their account.
    • One renewal payment is required in order to switch between sizes.
    • Only applicable to Credit Card purchases. PayPal purchases and subscriptions cannot be modified.
  • Minor updates to back end.


Quick update on Shipping. Due to unforeseen circumstances some orders might be delayed for a few more days. We truly apologize for the inconvenience as we are sure it is frustrating. Please understand. We appreciate your patience and rest assure we are already in the works to make shipping so much faster.

We have contacted a third party company that solely focuses on shipping out subscriptions boxes on behalf of companies. This means we have less on our plate and your orders get to you sooner.

We are doing quite a bit of restructuring throughout the next few weeks. Rest assured great things are coming your way. Again we are truly sorry about the delay and thanks for being such good and loyal customers.

Shipping error has been resolved

After the initial problem, that involved new users not being able to order subscriptions, being fixed. A new problem arose. Thankfully this issue has been fixed in a few days. compared to the original 6 months it took to fix the original problem.

Long story short, the recent update broke international shipping logic, causing international orders to have ‘free’ shipping. Even though in checkout shipping cost was stated, but never added. To the few orders that made it through, it’s still not determined if we should honor them. It’s a difficult decision, but we’re leaning on refunding and cancelling orders.

Finally, it appears we have reached a climax, and there are no more bugs in sight [for now]. But hopefully we can get back on track in improving our state.

The shipping error has been fixed!

After months of frustration and weeks of testing, the finalized update to solve our problem went live! We’d like to give credit to the good folks in charge of our subscription management system, ProssPress Inc., for working with us (and tolerating us) until they found a solution. Although admittedly the bug turned out much bigger than they originally planned, it’s just good to know that this can finally be put behind us!

Subscriptions are now live and we can finally get new sign ups back!

Minor Fixes Made

A few minor fixes have been made to the site.

  • (Update) Subscriptions and orders are now viewed in a scroll-able table (left to right) when the screen size is too small for it to fit. This allows subscriptions to be cancelled properly now, since the button was hidden out of view on the table.
  • (Fix) Updated PayPal IPN to fix the out of sync error we have encountered.

If you have any problems viewing information on our site, such as a PayPal order not appearing on My Account but can be seen on, contact us immediately!

As for the invalid shipping error during checkout. Unfortunately we have no news as of yet. Rest assured, our service providers are looking onto a fix, as this turned out to be a compatibility issue between 2 crucial plugins we use. Without them, our site wouldn’t function like we want to. Until then, we’ll continue using a substitute to allow potential subscribers to order the monthly PokeCrates without the subscription!

Synchronized Payment date has changed!

Synchronized payments are now on the 7th of each month. This change will only change future subscriptions. Current active subscriptions are still synchronized on the 15th of each month. This change is to help with  our shipping periods.

If you are a current subscriber that would like to change their payment date to the 7th, please contact us. Payment date changes are applicable only to users who are paying with a credit card. Unfortunately, due to limitations, PayPal subscribers can NOT change payment dates.