Missing a Shipment

These are commonly asked questions that are for subscriptions only. If you have a question that is for your subscription, please see if it’s been answered already!
My subscription order says it’s complete, and I have received any tracking information yet?

Your order may say it’s complete automatically if it meets these requirements:

  • Your order occurred between the 16th of one month, and the 14th of the next month
  • Your order total is $0.00
  • Or both of the above

Those who do not read the page “How Subscriptions Work” will miss the fact that they do not get charged when they order on a date that is NOT the 7th. All subscriptions are charged on the 7th [15th for original subscribers], no other date. Please note, your email receipt will say that your order total is “$0.00 then $XX.XX a month.” This is normal, and it still means you were not charged. If you do see an actual total other than what was stated, please contact us.

I was charged on the 7th [15th]. It’s been X days, but my order is still processing?

Again, those who do not read the page, do not know that subscriptions take time to ship. Since we’re a small operation, orders can take up to 14 days to fulfill. So the key is to be patient with us!

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