Grand Reopening!


We are finally able to announce the grand reopening of

We would like to thank you all for your patience! We are glad to finally reopen with a new subscription system in place, as well as a fresh new start.

We apologize to those who have to resubscribe and thank them in advance for remaining a loyal subscriber. We also apologize to those effected by the numerous issues caused by the FoxyCart subscription management system. It damaged us quite a bit, but we managed to pull through. Even with the new launch, we are still encountering problems related to FoxyCart. Soon enough it’ll be an afterthought.

As for this new website and design, we are glad to announce that we will host much more content and news on here. That way our friends in other social media pages aren’t left out of the loop, as is the case with those on Reddit and Instagram. With the release of more content, this website will become more and more like a hub for all information related to PokeCrate. Twitter is pretty much our crutch, and it’s time we move on to a more reliable and accessible source for delivering news.

We also plan on selling more than just subscriptions on our website! We’ll be selling the T-Shirts and plushes as well. So if you missed a crate with that shirt or plush, we’ll have you covered.

However, even though we are reopening with fresh stock, supplies will be limited at first. So please, give us some time to get adjusted to our new eCommerce system.

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  1. reynaldorodriguez911
    reynaldorodriguez911 says:

    I saw this website on one of my favorite Pokétubers videos aka Sykohcrud. He opened a Pokécrate and I was amazed at the items he received. I immediately googled this website and decided to try out your subscription for the Pokécrate. I look forward to receiving my first Pokécrate in the mail!

    • Some Dumb Fox
      Some Dumb Fox says:

      I don’t quite understand. If you want the subscription to expire on it’s own after 1 month, we can work with you on that. Currently it’s automatic.

  2. jcassity86
    jcassity86 says:

    Seen pokecrate on TheKingNappy (Youtube) Thought I would join in but cant find where to order i made a account was wonder if i missed something i need to subscribed to. Looks like others can’t order as well, are we going to be able to get one in January if we haven’t ordered one allready?

      • Some Dumb Fox
        Some Dumb Fox says:

        This site uses Gravitar for WordPress. Just sign up on using the same email address as here, and edit your profile on Any edits you make there will immediately reflect here profile-wise. Credit Cards, Addresses, and Orders are not shared between sites. Just your name, bio, and Gravitar.

    • Some Dumb Fox
      Some Dumb Fox says:

      Orders are down for the time being to allow current subscribers to renew. We’ll have it back up by this Thursday.

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