Site Updates


  • Contact forms will attempt to pull basic account information for logged in users.
  • Minor visual improvements to the website.
  • Security updates provided via WordPress and WooCommerce.

Coupons for December

Use coupon “winter” for $5 off orders $25 or more.

Use coupon “holiday” for 10% off orders $30 or more.

Use coupon “suprise” for $20 off orders $100 or more.

All coupons exclude subscriptions, good with everything else.

Minor Fixes Made

A few minor fixes have been made to the site.

  • (Update) Subscriptions and orders are now viewed in a scroll-able table (left to right) when the screen size is too small for it to fit. This allows subscriptions to be cancelled properly now, since the button was hidden out of view on the table.
  • (Fix) Updated PayPal IPN to fix the out of sync error we have encountered.

If you have any problems viewing information on our site, such as a PayPal order not appearing on My Account but can be seen on, contact us immediately!

As for the invalid shipping error during checkout. Unfortunately we have no news as of yet. Rest assured, our service providers are looking onto a fix, as this turned out to be a compatibility issue between 2 crucial plugins we use. Without them, our site wouldn’t function like we want to. Until then, we’ll continue using a substitute to allow potential subscribers to order the monthly PokeCrates without the subscription!

Invalid Shipping Error During Checkout

We are aware of this issue. We understand it is preventing orders and sincerely apologize. Please stay patient while we work with our service provider to find out exactly why this issue is occurring. We’ll post an update on our website when a solution has been found.

This error only occurs during checkout with the PokeCrate subscription sign up, and has become a recent issue. We suspect it to be and update issue.

Website Restored!

Hello all!

Our website is safe, and so is your data. Although we can not pinpoint exactly what went wrong with our website, we strongly suspect an automatic update is the culprit. Thankfully the fix is easy, and we are glad to announce there has been no data loss. If you suspect that there has been an error as a result to this problem, please contact us!

Thank you for your time, and have a great day.

As a reminder, no sensitive information is ever stored on our website. Information such as credit card info is handled by third parties, with very reputable security. In the event sensitive data is breached, there will a site wide notice posted, as well as an update on all our social networks, and a mass email to all customers.

September Coupons

In honor of our themed crate this month, all of our codes are related to Pewter City’s gym leader!

Use ‘pewtercity ‘ for $5 off on orders of $20+.

Use ‘rocksmash’ for 10% off on orders of $30+.

Use ‘rockblast’ for $25 off on orders of $100+.

Please note that some restrictions may apply.

Subscription sign ups are open for September

Hello everyone, now’s your chance to sign up for September PokeCrates!

Remember, our subscription renewal date has changed to the 7th of every month. Changes only apply to new subscriptions. If you are a current subscriber and would like to change your payment date to the 7th, contact us! Changes can only be made on accounts paid with credit cards. PayPal subscribers are not eligible for this change.

Synchronized Payment date has changed!

Synchronized payments are now on the 7th of each month. This change will only change future subscriptions. Current active subscriptions are still synchronized on the 15th of each month. This change is to help with  our shipping periods.

If you are a current subscriber that would like to change their payment date to the 7th, please contact us. Payment date changes are applicable only to users who are paying with a credit card. Unfortunately, due to limitations, PayPal subscribers can NOT change payment dates.

Announcing Our Sponsorship of amiibo alerts

We are thrilled to announce that PokéCrate is a proud sponsor of amiibo alerts in the upcoming 8-Bit Salute. 8-Bit Salute is a charity that benefits active duty members of the military and veterans who have served the US, NATO & ANZAC allies. With your help, amiibo alerts is hoping to raise $1,000 for these amazing men and women.

We will be donating some of our PokéCrates to amiibo alerts to give away during their live stream. For more information, please follow amiibo alerts and us on Twitter.

If you are interested in donating or viewing other sponsors, please click here.

PayPal Now Accepted. Shipping rate changes.

Hello everyone.

Great news, we’ve finally activated the PayPal checkout gateway! Subscriptions and regular orders can now be payed via PayPal.

Also, due to rising shipping costs, the shipping fee for subscriptions have been raised one dollar. So the new shipping charges are $5 per month now for US subscriptions, and $16 USD per month for international subscriptions. This change will only effect new, or renewed, subscriptions. All existing subscriptions are locked in on the original shipping charge. Thank you for understanding.