June Coupons

Hello everyone, there is a new coupon to take advantage of! To celebrate Pokecrates one year anniversary, there is a store wide sale going on! Also on orders $15 or more, use the coupon code celebrate to get an additional 25% off your total order*!

Also, for the early birds, receive a free lanyard and gift on every order. Free gift will depend on the amount you spend! The more you spend, the better the gift.**!

*Coupon expires June 30, 2015. Can only be redeemed once per account and excludes subscriptions.
**Promotional offer only available first week of June (May 31, 2015 – June 6, 2015) and while supplies last.

Emails are now working again

Our domain emails are back working! This means our original contact forms and emails will function normally again. It also means that password resets will work again! The issue we had was with our host service provider, but a quick chat and some patience solved our problem! Hopefully things will slowly come back to normal. Thank you all for your patience!

As for the website, we’re planning on some changes soon. We’re hoping of getting a more functional help site up. One of which will contain the answers to all commonly asked questions, and a more streamlined way of helping people. Email works, but it can become overwhelming fast, and sometimes we get recipients mixed up. We’ll have more info on this when we have made a final decision.

Sign Ups Are Available! Remaining Subscriptions Will Be Completed Today

Sign ups are available right now, but are limited. Once stock is out, you can not sign up till next month. Also a reminder, sign ups are free. You will not be charged until the 15th of May!

Also, outbound emails are still an issue. We can receive emails, but sending them is a bit iffy. We’re hoping to have a fix for that by the end of this week. In the mean time, be sure to use your My Account page for basic inquiries. If you need help, contact somedumbfox@gmail.com or pokecrate@gmail.com. We’re all busy right now, so please be patient with us!

On a side note with emails, if you have sent an email between 05-08-2015 and 05-11-2015, it is very likely we missed it due to our server upgrades. I wish we can say we’re able to recover the emails, but I only have a handful of error messages. Please send them again to the specified email addresses above!

Also, to the handful of people who waited ever patiently with us on their April subscription order, we will have them packed and ready to ship today (5-13-2015). For being patient with us, and very understanding to the few we spoke to, we’ll include an extra surprise to your order!

Server Update, Faster Browsing, Less waiting

Hello everyone, we have some great news. Our server has been upgraded and updated as well. We’ also adding in some new security features, such as cloudflare, to our site to help regulate traffic, and page load times. Until the upgrade is complete, you may experience some problems on the website. Most notably, secure web browsing and emails.

HTTPS pages (My Account, Checkout) will not be accessible for 24 hours or more. This is due to some certificate signing that can take some time on cloudflare’s end. If anyone needs help cancelling their subscriptions, or inquiring about orders. You can contact us at pokecrate@gmail.com and somedumbfox@gmail.com.

Be sure to be as detailed as possible in your email, and include the email address associated with your account.

Thank your for your patience!

April 2015 Coupons

Spring is here and new coupons are out!

Use coupon code forecast to take $5.00 off orders $25.00 or more!

Use coupon code flowergift to take $10.00 off order $50.00 or more!

Use coupon code solarpower to take $20.00 off orders $100.00 or more!

Coupons valid until 4/30/2015. Coupons cannot be mixed. Subscriptions excluded, and total order does not include shipping.

New Coupons!

During the remainder of March we have 2 coupon codes available for use!

Use coupon code firepunch for 15% off your cart total on orders $50.00 USD or more!

Use coupon code starpromo to receive a free eligible promotional card with purchase over $20.00 or more! Eligible cards are:

15% off order total does not include shipping cost. Eligible cards must be added to cart in order to claim coupon. Coupons can not be mixed. Limit 1 coupon per person. Limit 1 free card per order, quantities limited. Subscriptions excluded. Coupons expire March 31st, 2015.


During our sale, we have 2 coupons available!

Use coupon code caterpie for orders $30.00 or more on card and accessories and receive 10% off!

Use coupon code beedrill for orders $100.00 or more on card and accessories and receive 15% off!

Coupons can not be combined, and expire on February 28th. Subscriptions excluded. Limit one use per household.

*Edit: Typo, coupons expired on February 26th, 2015.

Trading Network Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that the Trading Network is already in development and will be presented in detail at a later date. From the looks of it the Trading Network should be up and running some time in April.

Now what is the Trading Network?
Simple. It’s pretty much how it sounds. The Trading Network is where you can trade your Pokémon cards, figures, plushes and more! As good as it might sound there’s always things to prepare and look out for.

For example, Lets say I (SherlockMoon) decided to trade my Charizard card for Jimmy’s Entei plush. I send the Charizard card and Jimmy says he shipped the Entei plush as well. Days and maybe even weeks go by and still my Entei plush hasn’t arrived. I decide to contact Jimmy to see what the deal is only for Jimmy to ignore and even block me. What just happened? I JUST GOT SCAMMED.

This is ONE of the issues that could arise once the Trading Network is established.

We’ve brainstormed a few ideas and are working out precautions we could take but its not set in stone just yet.

One key factor that will come into play is a Track System.
But we will go into greater detail sometime in the upcoming weeks.

We hope you guys look forward to this new stepping stone in revolutionizing the meaning of Pokémon Trading.

Transactions Purged

All failed transactions before February 1st have been purged. They are still available for review in the future with proper account credentials.

First Place - Score 691 Points - Courtesy of Kelly Louie, 2015 - Twitter @KLouDraw - InstaGram @KLouDraws

January T-Shirt Contest Winners

Congratulations to the following winners of PokeCrate’s January T-Shirt Contest. The voting came close, but the winners were clear. Grand Prize is to win a Pokecrate, and may be featured in our store as well! Congratulations to the rest of our winners as they will receive a PokeCrate on us as well!

Current entries based on information provided by original authors. All artwork featured are copyrighted by their original authors. Check back later for updates on images from the authors. Score determined by average survey response, with a low of 100 and a high of 1000.

Thank you for participating:

  • Rafael Martinez
  • RocketClauncher
  • Tim Corte
  • Jesse Levine
  • HyperPokemon
  • Frost Wolf