Sign Ups Are Available! Remaining Subscriptions Will Be Completed Today

Sign ups are available right now, but are limited. Once stock is out, you can not sign up till next month. Also a reminder, sign ups are free. You will not be charged until the 15th of May!

Also, outbound emails are still an issue. We can receive emails, but sending them is a bit iffy. We’re hoping to have a fix for that by the end of this week. In the mean time, be sure to use your My Account page for basic inquiries. If you need help, contact or We’re all busy right now, so please be patient with us!

On a side note with emails, if you have sent an email between 05-08-2015 and 05-11-2015, it is very likely we missed it due to our server upgrades. I wish we can say we’re able to recover the emails, but I only have a handful of error messages. Please send them again to the specified email addresses above!

Also, to the handful of people who waited ever patiently with us on their April subscription order, we will have them packed and ready to ship today (5-13-2015). For being patient with us, and very understanding to the few we spoke to, we’ll include an extra surprise to your order!

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  1. Angie Peterson
    Angie Peterson says:

    I have been trying to subscribe since you reopened in December, then again since you reopened again in March and now again in May. Now I can’t even see where you would subscribe on your site. If my daughter wasn’t so into to Pokemon I would say forget it. How do I subscribe? Thank you

    • sherlockmoon
      sherlockmoon says:

      Hello Angie. To subscribe you simply click on the store tab and then on the right hand side there is going to be another tab that says “subscriptions” You simply add the Pokecrate subscription to your cart and check out if its not out of stock. Let me know if you have any additional questions.

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