There Are Going To Be Some Changes Around Here

These past few weeks we have been getting ready to go through some huge changes… bringing people in and some are going out. We are completely reconstructing ourselfs from top to bottom. Here is what our main focus will be for the next couple of weeks.

Main points of focus:

Customer service
Shipping time
Social media
Partnership program
More shipping destinations (We are taking subscriptions in Australia and the UK again already!)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. We will update you along the way. Visit our blog for updates, discount codes, news, promotions and everything in beetween.

One huge noticeable change you will see is how often shirts will be included in PokéCrate’s. You know what they say… When you look good you feel good. Heads up! May’s PokéCrate includes a shirt. You can expect a shirt in June’s PokéCrate too! (We weren’t kidding about the shirt thing)

We started shipping May PokéCrate’s Monday May 21st. If you have not received tracking info for this month you will shortly. We should be done shipping the next few days.

All changes will be implemented in the upcoming weeks if they have not already. Your love and feedback is what’s making us blossom or dare I say it… Evolve.

As part of this beautiful Pokemon community we felt obligated to help others wherever and whenever we could. We plan to keep doing just that. We truly appreciate the love and support we have recived from you. We will keep you updated!

Everyone loves a good comeback right?