Trading Network Coming Soon

We are excited to announce that the Trading Network is already in development and will be presented in detail at a later date. From the looks of it the Trading Network should be up and running some time in April.

Now what is the Trading Network?
Simple. It’s pretty much how it sounds. The Trading Network is where you can trade your Pokémon cards, figures, plushes and more! As good as it might sound there’s always things to prepare and look out for.

For example, Lets say I (SherlockMoon) decided to trade my Charizard card for Jimmy’s Entei plush. I send the Charizard card and Jimmy says he shipped the Entei plush as well. Days and maybe even weeks go by and still my Entei plush hasn’t arrived. I decide to contact Jimmy to see what the deal is only for Jimmy to ignore and even block me. What just happened? I JUST GOT SCAMMED.

This is ONE of the issues that could arise once the Trading Network is established.

We’ve brainstormed a few ideas and are working out precautions we could take but its not set in stone just yet.

One key factor that will come into play is a Track System.
But we will go into greater detail sometime in the upcoming weeks.

We hope you guys look forward to this new stepping stone in revolutionizing the meaning of Pokémon Trading.

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  1. RPGTesting
    RPGTesting says:

    Perhaps as a safety measure, for transactions that request it, you could act as a middle-man. Both sides will send their trade to you, once both are received and confirmed to be what is claimed, you send both to the people who wanted them. I know that could/would be extremely tedious, but it is an idea 😛

  2. carterbjorn2
    carterbjorn2 says:

    I say if one doesn’t send the thing or things they’ve agreed with the other person if one person doesn’t send the stuff u as a middle man/or girl could band the person the that didnt send what they’ve agreed to from the trading system

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